About Us

Why choose Lucky Feet Shoes?

Our Technology and Experience.

Each of our customers is treated with the utmost of care.  We will spend time with you to help determine how we can best help you.  At a Lucky Feet Shoes consultation, you can expect:

  • Digital Foot Scan and Pressure Sensor
  • Flexibility Test
  • Gait Analysis
  • Expert Measurement and Fitting

All of our employees are highly trained to help fit you best.

We are New Balance Pro Care Fit Specialists and we have four Board Certified Pedorthists on staff to meet your needs.

What is a Pedorthist

A Pedorthist is trained in foot pathology, biomechanics, shoe construction, shoe modifications, casting for and making custom foot orthotics and insoles. 

Our Board Certified Pedorthist’s understand how shoes and shoe inserts work with the feet and how they can help and prevent not only foot issues but also help in mobility.

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