Taking Care of the Feet

Most people just don’t realize how important their feet are. Healthy feet are essential aspects in one’s quality of life.

The facts state that 25% of the bones in the human body are located in the feet. The feet are only 5% of the body’s mass; the other 95% is supported by the feet.

“Your feet are your base, if they’re out of wack it’s going to throw your whole body off,” said Pedorthist Jerick Sobie, manager of Lucky Feet Shoes in Rancho Cucamonga.

Sobie, who has worked in this field for over twenty years, states that a lot of people have ankle, back, knee, as well as hip discomfort that originate with problems with their feet. He believes that Lucky Feet Shoes is just what it claims so modestly to be and a little more as they focus on the health and “wellness of the foot.”

“We help people become healthier and keep their whole body healthy,” said the enthused Sobie. “When your feet hurt, it’s not an easy thing to go out and exercise and be active.”

Both Lucky Feet Shoes in Rancho Cucamonga and Lucky Feet Shoes in Riverside specialize in orthodics, a process of customizing comfortable sole inserts and shoes to promote balance and correct posture alleviating pressure in undesired areas of the body.

Lucky Feet Shoes uses a technological wonder called the Pressure Mapping System, a state of the art computerized system with 10,000 sensors, to make a thorough map of one’s feet indicating where most of the pressure is applied while standing.

The pedorthists at Lucky Feet Shoes, who are trained in a wide range of fields including Lower Limb Biomechanics, Diabetic Foot, Arthritic Foot, Foot Deformities and Shoe Fitting to name a few, use the scan to educate a customer about his or her posture and pain as well as the cause of it.

They then send the scan to a lab which composes a customized sole insert that will relieve the pressure on the stressed areas of the foot and correct one’s posture, movement, and increase vitality as the orthodic helps promote proper circulation and muscle development.

Sobie says most of the customers who come in are women, older people, diabetics, teachers, nurses and others whose jobs require them to spend a lot of time on their feet.

Among the best-selling shoes in the store are those that have Masai Bare-foot Technology (MBT) which creates a soft basis for the foot and aligns the body correctly and exercises other muscles in the leg, back and core, and then there are the Spira shoes which have Wave Spring Technology that uses an energy return system for those that seek to increase activity.

“We’re cheaper than surgery, which is probably not going to fully correct the problems that most people have,” said Sobie. “A lot of our customers are sent to us from their doctors to avoid surgery and try another route to correct their foot, back or knee pain.”

Lucky Feet Shoes also specializes in customization for partial amputations as well as fitting for bunions, hammer toes and hard-to-fit feet which are all some of the common conditions that the pedorthists at Foot Solutions see from customers that come to the store.

“We focus on every aspect of the foot,” said the confident Sobie, who is so familiar with Foot Pathology that he can precisely diagnose a person just from watching them walk or looking at the shoes that he or she has been wearing.

Sobie encourages anybody with diabetes, especially, to come to Lucky Feet Shoes as they even have seam-free anti-bacterial synthetic fabric socks to accommodate diabetics, in addition to shoes that work well against varicose veins and high blood-pressure.

By Kalonji Guillory

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